About Chronologia: Innovation meets Analog

An idea for change

Chronologia was created by a group of outdoor enthusiasts that wanted to break with the trend of “data-driven” watches. The outdoors, for us, is a way to disconnect, and we wanted something more straightforward than the current digital watches. This gave us the idea of creating a brand built for the outdoors to provide a unique experience to its user. Each collection was designed to suit a specific outdoor activity and provide the user with the necessary tools to push their limits in all confidence. Another concern when we were designing our watches was to offer something affordable and robust. We've achieved this by cutting out the middle men allowing us to maintain the highest quality standard without breaking the bank.

Integrating cutting-edge tech

Inspired by exceptional outdoors, we made sure to integrate the latest innovations in the watch industry with time based tools developed before digital existed. Our most defining trait is probably our unique carbon-case designs. Today carbon has made its way into cutting-edge industries due to its reputation for incredible strength and weightlessness. This made it a must-have for us when designing our watches. We also partnered with people who spend their lives outdoors. They've had exclusive access to our collections to put them through their paces in actual conditions. We've combined these innovations with robust automatic or quartz movements that have been put through their paces for decades without fail.

Protecting our inspiration: the exceptional outdoors

We're not only interested in providing a new innovative watch. We're also in the business of making people more interested in re-discovering their surroundings. No need to take a plane to get out and reconnect with the outdoors. We want to inspire people to be inspired by their environment and take pride in where they live. Protecting these unique environments where we've been able to spend our down time is something that we're focused on. To do our part, we hope to partner with local environmental protection agencies and ranger associations who dedicates their energy to keeping the exceptional outdoors exceptional

Be an everyday hero:

Everyday heroes are everywhere and we've wanted to thank a few of them for their services. Outdoor first responders have been our inspiration; capable of intervening in the harshest environments no matter the conditions. We hope to honor them through our designs and brand. Thanks to them for being our everyday heroes; constantly pushing their limits for the safety of others.