How can the Ranger be used as a Compass?

A watch is an accessory that allows us to read the time, but occasionally, a few other functions are included in a watch. A date, a chronograph... and why not a compass.

Our ​Chronologia Ranger Automatic Watch Collection breaks new boundaries by combining style and functionality for the great outdoors and the adventurist in you.

The Ranger collection was specifically designed to help you navigate through the unknown. This watch aims to help you discover the untapped potential in you whether you are camping,

hiking, sailing, lost in the mountains or in a forest - or anything in between. Bellow, we’re going to explain how this watch can help you find your way in any situation by using its unique Compass attribute.

Lost in Nature or Stranded at Sea

Let's look at an actual example: at some point, you could get lost in nature or be stranded at sea. Rest assured, your watch will be able to help you as it can be used as a compass. Since the compass is made up of cardinal points (clockwise), it can help you find your way by pointing you in the right direction. Just remember that a compass will always point towards the north.

The watch can, therefore, be used as a compass because the location of its hands coincides with the direction of the points of the compass, namely North (the direction in which you should always find your way), South, East, and West.

How can the Ranger be used as a compass?

To start off, the use of the Ranger’s compass will depend on your location. The most important information about your location is to know which hemisphere you are in. This is very easy to do if you know the hemisphere you are in beforehand (which is usually the case), but when you get lost, you could figure that out by finding the northern star to know your position.

From the Northern Hemisphere

We advise you to adjust the time by keeping your watch in a horizontal position. Position your Ranger horizontally on your hand (the hands should then be parallel to the ground). Extend the hour hands (smallest) towards the sun and tilt the watch or your hand (or even your body) to match the hand and the sun. To find the South, divide in half the angle from 12 and the small hand: the middle of this angle will display the South and the opposite will show the North.

From the Southern Hemisphere

Just follow the same step! Simply point the 12 of the watch towards the sun, unlike in the northern hemisphere where one should refer to the small hand. To find the North, divide the angle from 12 and the hour hand. As mentioned above, the middle of this angle would show the North and its opposite would show the South. Et voilà!